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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service free?

Yes, this service is free and will be free for foreseeable future. There are advertisements to cover the costs of servers though. Feel free to install an ad-blocker if you do not like them.


Why do some words sound weird?

This is an issue with the text to speech engine being used in the backend and might improve over time as the service gets updated.


Is it open source?

It is not currently open source, however this might change in the future. If you want to use this in your non-commercial project, please get in touch with me at kaushal [at] subedi [dot] co


Does this work on mobile phones?

Yes, it should work on most mobile platforms. However the input system does not work at the moment, please use a keyboard that supports typing in Nepali like Google Keyboard to input the text.


Do you have mobile apps?

Not at the moment, but the web application should work on mobile platforms. I do have plans to create offline native mobile versions of this down the line.


Where can I donate?

I am not taking donations but feel free to donate to a good cause like cancer research or development in third world countries like Nepal. You can help me out by sharing this web application with your friends and family.